66 New Blog Post Ideas to Fill Your Editorial Calendar


blog post ideasWouldn’t it be exciting to have a cheat sheet of blog post ideas?

…So that you can always publish on the fly. Plus, you’ll no longer have to deal with the annoying writers’ block.

And to make it more amazing, you can apply this list of blog ideas in any niche.

“Now, that sounds CRAZY,” You may be wondering.

To say the truth, it’s actually possible.

That’s what I’m here to show you. But more of it in a few!


How about this bitter truth?

If you’re like most bloggers, you’re probably struggling with keeping a healthy posting schedule. 

And the reason for that: writers’ block! Besides, it gets worse when you have to stare at a blank page longer than you should.

Worse still, if you’re faint-hearted, you must have contemplated quitting blogging. Not once…not twice, but quite a number of times.

“Blogging is probably not for me.” You say to yourself.

But should you throw in the towel and resolve to fate?

I bet you don’t want to do that. Good! That’s why I have created a list of blog topic ideas that will fill your creative reserve all year round.

And the good news:

You’ll be able to keep your clients blog updated with fresh and useful content.  If you run your blog, you’ll be able to maintain a regular publishing schedule.

Your subscribers and customers deserve better!

But since I’ve got your back, here’s…

The Comprehensive Guide to Stunning Blog Post Ideas

Now, this is the juicy part. But before delving deeper, it’s important to note the key objectives of any blog post.

What is your goal when publishing content? Answering this will give you the sweet spot for awesome topics.

The good news:

I got your back on this too.

So, instead of brainstorming by yourself, here are the key areas you should focus on when coming up with a blog post.

  • Be TIMELY.
  • Create HUMAN posts.
  • Create USEFUL posts.
  • Write ENGAGING posts.
  • Be GENEROUS in your posts.
  • Put out PROMOTIONAL posts.
  • Put out ENTERTAINING content.
  • Be CONTROVERSIAL in your posts.

These 8 blog post goals form the backbone of brainstorming unique content ideas.

Next, we’re getting deeper into each goal and you’ll discover all the potential ideas you can write about.

It’s really that simple. I’m ready…are you?

So, let’s get started!

1. Create Useful Posts

There are tons of ideas you can pull out from the useful post category. Remember your audience is looking for a solution to a pain point.

Therefore, using useful posts, you stand a chance to position yourself as an authority in your niche. 

Also, you become the Mr/Mrs/Miss fix it that everyone looks up to. How amazing does that sound? So, here’s what you can come up with.

1. Come up With a Captivating List Post 

There are 5 common stable content wrappers and the list post happens to be one of them.

What this means is that everyone is using list posts to communicate what’s on their mind.

So, why are they a favorite to many bloggers? Simple…they have a proven track record for delivering awesome results.

You can create a list of anything that your audience needs.

These can be a list of books, blogs, recipes, electronics, and any other useful resource that adds value to your audience.

This blog post 66 New Blog Post Ideas to Fill Your Editorial Calendar is an example of a listicle.

Here’s another example.

list blog post idea


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2. Create an Engaging How-To Post

This is another stable content wrapper. There are a ton of how-to blogs on the internet.

This is because top bloggers acknowledge this type of post as one with the highest number of click-through rates.

You can create a post that teaches your audience how to execute a process from the start to finish.

The best approach is to identify a problem, then, come up with a step by step solution for it.

For better results, you need to include images, audio, or videos showing the process.

If possible you can combine all these content types to enrich your post and to enhance its effectiveness.

Here’s an example.

How-to blog post idea

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3. Write an Irresistible Case Study Post

Case studies are more powerful pieces of content. This is because they come out as authoritative and jam-packed with social proof.

If you’re to persuade your audience, then, you need to write a case study post.

With a case study post, you’ll outline the details of a process or project that you undertook. Then let your audience know the results you got at the end.

These can be on how you wrote a blog post that garnered over 5k shares.

Check out this example.

case study blog post ideas

4. Create a Profound Problem/Solution Post

What is your goal as a blogger, or entrepreneur? I’m certain it’s about anticipating or finding your readers or customers’ problems.

Then, striving to provide in-depth solutions.

This post type is in two parts. That is, stating the problem. Also, this will help your audience to identify with your post.

And the second part is on providing a detailed solution to the problem. 

Problem solution blog post idea

5. Find Repetitive Questions Then Write a FAQ Post

Getting the same exact questions from your readers or customers should be a floodlight.

Also, this is an indication that some or all of them are asking the same questions on search engines such as Google.

Another way of finding out what your audience is asking about is through joining online fora.

A good example is Quora where you can learn about your audience, their lingo, and what is troubling them. 

To find out these questions are, you can use relevant keywords such as “marketing techniques” or “blogging secrets”.

Afterward, you should create a detailed post covering these questions. 

See this example…

FAQs blog post idea

6. Compose a Detailed Research Post

To write this kind of article, you’ll need to figure out a topic in your niche that your audience resonates with. 

Provide elaborate information on your findings and possibly link the report to your audience’s core desires, values, and interests.

Providing the right facts is what you should focus on. One, it helps you solve your customers’ problems, and two, it helps you come out as an authority in your space.

Here’s an example to check out.

Research blog post idea

7. Create an Elaborate Checklist Post

Use this opportunity to write a post detailing what your audience should check before executing a process or taking an action. 

Checklist posts are important as they help one in keeping track of what they should do. Also, it helps to avoid skipping important steps.

Check out this example.

checklist blog post idea

8. Compose an Ultimate Guide Post

In this post, you delve deeper into a topic by providing a comprehensive piece of information.

Shallow content is a turn-off.

Therefore, you want to ensure you provide in-depth information concerning your subject matter. 

Here’s an example to emulate.

ultimate guide blog post idea

9. Write a Definition Post

You’re the expert in your industry. Therefore, you should aim at explaining certain terms or concepts that you perceive your customers have difficulty in understanding. 

You can write an article addressing the idea, “what is content marketing?” or any other subject as is relevant to your niche.

Here’s another example for inspiration.

definition post blog idea

10. Come up With a Series Post

This is an excellent way to present an idea in more than one article. You can find a topic that’s being discussed in your niche then break it down into multiple article ideas. 

With this, you can have a daily posting schedule over a week depending on your plan. You can also publish weekly articles on the topic over a month.

A good example would be having a number of frequently asked questions.

Then creating a series post based on these questions. 

11. Write a Comprehensive Stats Post

You can consider gathering interesting statistical facts about your niche. This post idea bears similarity with the research post. 

The good thing is that you can use it to position yourself as an authority in your space. This is because many folks will be using your post for references.

12. Create an Amazing Video Review Post

Find a video that’s done by an influential person in your niche. Also, this video needs to be one that your audience resonates with. 

Next, you can choose to review the whole of it or only a portion. Moreover, you can opt to embed the video as it is or have a screenshot of it. 

13. Create a Profound SAQ Post

SAQ stands for should have asked questions. These are the questions your readers ought to ask but they fail to.

As a professional, you can combine a list of these questions and provide answers to them.

If there’s anything your prospects overlook, then, you can cover it in this post. Remember that your task is to anticipate your audience’s needs then attend to them.

14. Write a Must Have Tools Post

You know how important tools are. Right? They make work easy. Like you, everyone is looking for tools that can simplify their work. 

To write this kind of blog, you need to find out all the necessary tools as applicable to your niche.

Then write a comprehensive post recommending the tools your audience should use. You can go ahead to write a comparison of multiple tools. 

This is important as it helps your reader to see things in perspective before making a decision.

Check out this sample.

tools blog post idea

15. Create an Evergreen Pillar Post

Pillar articles are the best when you want to create evergreen pieces of content.

First, you’ll need to carry out research on what your customers and readers are searching for on the internet.

Besides, you can always write more content and link it back to your pillar post.

This makes pillar posts a good source of regular traffic which you can convert to become customers.

When starting out your businesses, pillar posts are super necessary. The best part is that you can publish more than 1 on your website.

If you can have 10 pillar post ideas, you’ll be able to set a good foundation.

16. Write a Stunning Tips Post

You’re the expert who provides solutions to problems. Do you remember?


In this type of post, you come up with a list of valuable tips that your customers will find helpful.

This topic idea blends well with the list post or how-to posts.

Therefore, you can provide tips on how to accomplish a task. Or how to solve a problem in your industry.

tips post idea blog

2. Put Out Promotional Posts

This is an opportunity to promote yourself and business or your clients’ business through content marketing. Blogs are a wonderful media for creating awareness, engagement, and leads acquisition.

You can use this kind of post to achieve this end goal. Below are the topic ideas you can consider under this category.

17. Create a Fascinating Comparison Post

Here’s another shocker: people won’t buy from you because you have a fancy offer– product/service.

What people want is a transformation from a less desirable state to a more desirable after state. 

The best way to go about this is by describing the features and benefits of your offer. Then linking these to what your buyers care about.

But for better results, you can create a comparison post to compare your offer with your competitors.

18. Write an Elaborate Project Showcase Post

In this type of blog, you let your audience know what you have been working on. It could be your company’s projects or your own projects.

You can take it further by giving a detailed outline of how the project should be done.

To make it more interesting, you can mention the expected results and what you’re intending to do once the project is a success.

This post idea is quite similar to the case study post.

project showcase post blog idea

19. Compile a Profound Income Report Post

This is one way of building a strong customer relationship.

By showing your customers how much you’re making monthly or after a particular period, you’re building a solid trust. 

Therefore, come clean and open the account records. If possible, you can expound more by explaining how you managed to make such an amount.

income post idea

20. Write a comprehensive company update post

This post bears the same style as behind the scenes post. Therefore, when coming up with one, you want to let your customers know about your goals and strategic plans.

This can be monthly, Quarterly, or yearly. 

Other details you can mention include; new staff/employees updates or your company’s ongoing projects.

This kind of post helps in establishing a relationship with your audience.

21. Create a Step by Step Presentation Post

After a board or staff meeting, you can simply turn the presentation material into a blog post. Other sources of content ideas for this type of post are workshops.

At the end of one, create a blog post that covers topics discussed.

22. Write an Amazing Best of Post

Best of posts are good for displaying your success over time. You can create the best of posts covering all your most amazing content.

These could be videos, blogs, or podcasts.

Best of post idea

23. Write a Detailed Year in Review Post

In this type of post, you’ll be using content to help customers visualize what your company does and your true identity.

It also helps in building trust and better customer relationships. 

To pull it through, let the customers see your year in successes and failures.

You can also note what you have learned from that year and how you plan on improving come the following year.

year in review post idea

24. Create a Timely Product Update Post

Having a huge following of raving fans for your products demands regular product updates.

If you’re to keep your customers, you need to evolve from one product to another. 

In the process, you aim at adding additional features that your customers would love. To bring your customers up to speed, you need to make a product update post.

This will help in keeping them updated on what’s happening. 

And when you finally do the product launch, making purchase decisions will not be a hurdle to them.

25. Create an Informative Product Tips Post

Write a post that explains to your audience how to get the most from using your product. In this post, you can show them how to use the product. 

You can also include what they need to do in case they encounter any challenges with your product. An example would be a troubleshooting post.

Also, note that this post borders both useful and promotional content ideas.

3. Create Engaging Posts

“Engagement isn’t necessarily the ultimate objective of a blog post,” You’d be right to think in that line.

Nevertheless, writing engaging posts is an awesome tool for ensuring all your other posts are read.

Plus, before your customers buy from you, you’ll need to engage them to create a relationship first.

Below are some of the content ideas you can use to engage your customers.

26. Write a Question Post

You can use tools to find out what your audience is asking.

Some of these include; online niche forums, other blogs, your own blog’s comment section, or direct interaction with your customers.

Once you have the question, aim at providing a detailed response to it.

The other alternative would be to answer your audience’s questions on online forums such as Quora.

question post idea for blogs

27. Write an Answer Post

This post is quite similar to the questions post. However, when writing one, you put out a question, make a brief introduction, and what you think about the question. 

Afterward, you let your audience give their own answers to the question.

It’s a great way for collecting multiple perspectives on a question.

28. Create a Challenge Post

You can come up with a challenge based on what your audience would really love.

If you’re into blogging, you can start a series post on how to make x amount of money in X amount of time.

In this challenge, you should make everything clear. Including how to go about the challenge plus if there’s any reward at the end.

Other challenge ideas would be; lose x pounds in x amount of time. 

Or a simple one like a selfie challenge while holding or using your product.

challenge post idea

29. Write a Customer Showcase Post

In this post, identity one or two customers and feature them in your blog. The content should entail their journey using your product or their success story. 

You can also let them give a few tips to other customers who are yet to buy from you. Ideally, this post type is quite similar to a promotional and case study post ideas.

customer showcase blog post idea

30. Compile a Freebie Post

You can write an article that’s linked to a specific call to action like subscribing to an online or offline event. For one to make it to the event, they need a ticket.

Therefore, you can attach conditions to it by rewarding everyone with a free ticket that shares the post.

31. Create a Contest Post 

Contests are competitive in nature. Thus, you can announce a contest on your blog to engage your audience. 

Also, you can make it more interesting by rewarding the successful contestants. To make the contest lively, you can post the progress in a series of posts.

4. Put out Entertaining Posts

This can be a hard one to create. Nonetheless, it depends on your industry and what you are offering. 

If you do it well, this can be an effective way of creating engagement and excitement on your blog. 

Below are a  few ways you can use entertaining posts on your blog.

33. Make an Exciting Story Post

People love stories. Writing an exciting story post can turn out well if your audience loves this type of post.

The idea here’s that first,  you should study your audience and understand what they love.

Plus, you can break it down into a series of stories. From these, you can have multiple story posts to keep your audience entertained.

And more importantly, you can link the stories to your products or services. 

story blog post idea

34. Create a Hilarious Satire Post

In this type of post, you’ll be using humor to grab your audience’s attention. To write one, find trending topics that your customers would love.

Then exaggerate them and see how your customers react after reading your post. 

35. Put Out a Fanny Cartoon Post

This type of article helps in stirring excitements in your customers. Thereby making them laugh. You need to find trending topics in your niche and create cartoon posts about them.

Also, this post type works well as a series post.

36. Create a Meme Post 

Almost everyone loves memes and they can go viral really fast on the internet. You can create your own memes or download some from meme websites. 

This is a wonderful way of entertaining your customers. Plus, meme posts get more social shares and comments which are good for vanity metrics.

37. Write a Parody Post

You can use parodies to mimic how key influential personalities in your niche talk.

In the post, paint out their strong sides and weak sides and what your audience can learn from them.

5. Be Controversial in Your Posts

Controversial posts are awesome for steering engagement. When used correctly and with the right audience, they’ll help you get opposing views and reactions from your audience. 

And more importantly, you stand a chance of understanding your audience. Below are the possible blog topic ideas you can come with under this category.

38. Write a What-If Post

This post type is speculative in nature. In your post, write about what’s likely to happen if something happened.

In this sense, you’re looking for a causative agent that stirs up a discussion marked by opposing views.

Also, the success of your post depends on choosing the right “what-if idea”. Is it something that can cause an uproar in your audience?

You should aim for significant changes in your industry such as acquisitions or mergers.

You can also write about a key influencer in your industry and what would happen if they made certain decisions. Below is an example for inspiration.

what if post

39. Make a Debate Post

Find a debatable topic and write it on your blog. You’ll also have to find someone that disagrees with your point of view. Your aim is to publish both opposing views on your blog. 

Ensure the explanations are detailed and informative. Check out this example.

debate post

40. Put Out an Attack Post

Before proceeding with this post type, you need to be extra cautious. Sometimes, this may not end well. To make it worse, you may lose customers or subscribers.

That said, in this blog idea, you identify an individual or individuals and pick a fight with them.

As a result, your audience will have to pick sides based on the subject matter.

If your idea is worth it, this post type can help you get more followers, subscribers, and customers. Nonetheless, take caution with this post idea. 

41. Write a prediction post

In this post category, you make a forecast of how you perceive a possible future happening. To make it more engaging, you can take a speculative approach. 

A good example would be writing a post on how you anticipate your industry will change. Say in 50-10 years to come.

prediction post idea

42. Create a Reaction Post

This is a post type that you should create in response to someone’s content. Either a blog post, a podcast, or a video.

It really doesn’t matter the content type. First, find an influencer or key personality and react to any on their content on your blog.

43. Write and Embed Reactor Post

Find a video or presentation that you can embed in your blog. A good source for awesome videos would be Youtube.

You can also go to authoritative blogs in your niche and find viral and embeddable videos. 

Your aim is to embed such videos in your post, then, add your point of view concerning the subject matter.

6. Be Timely

People are psychologically wired to respond to new things happening around them.

Therefore, this will be a great opportunity to inform your audience concerning the latest developments. 

So, here are some content ideas under this category.

44. Write a Review Post

First, find a trending product, or offer in the market and write a review for it.

This can be a new gadget to be released in a few months or the latest model of a car. It all depends on what moves your industry. 

Also, trending events happening in your niche are great candidates for review. Providing timely information for your audience sets you as an authority in your niche.

Check this example for inspiration.

review blog post idea

45. Create a Takeaways Post

This type of post should be created after attending an online or offline event. Others include; after reading a blog article, watching a video, or listening to a podcast.

Afterward, you create a post listing all your takeaways. To be timely and effective, remember to do the post a few days or hours after taking the previous action–attending the event, etc.

Here’s an example.

takeaway post idea

46. Put Out a Survey Post

Pick a topic in your industry that’s trending. Then ask your audience what they think about the subject matter.

Some of the channels you can use for the survey include; email, social media, or one on one encounters. 

After getting the results, you can write a blog post giving a summary of the results from the survey.

47. Create a Trend Post

Find trends in your industry and write a blog post about these topics. You can rely on Google trends for timely updates on what’s trending in your niche.

trend post blog idea

48. Make an Issue Post

What issues are currently affecting your audience? If you can find one or two, then use that as a source of inspiration for writing an issue post.

Your objective is to provide answers and solutions to what’s bothering your audience.

49. Write a News Post

In this post type, you act as a reporter by keeping your audience informed. Thus, you need to find happenings in your industry and write informative blog posts about them. 

Make sure your source of information only gives fresh and current information.

7. Create Human Posts

Sometimes what you need to do is show your human side to your audience. What this means is that your audience will relate more with you if they know you at a personal level. 

Also, this is a wonderful way of building trust and linking with your audience. It’s not advisable to be a faceless company.

So, here are some ways you can show them that you’re human.

50. Put Out an Inspirational Post 

One of the best ways to reach your audience is through inspirational posts. To do this, find quotes, stories in your industry that motivate your audience.

You can also profile key personalities in your industry and write about them.

Your aim is to inspire your audience through these stories and quotes by showing them how to rise against obstacles, etc. Here is a sample.

inspiration blog post

51. Write a Behind the Scenes Post

In this post idea, you write a procedural blog article of what you take to produce content or create your product. 

If its a book, or blog post, you break it down to your audience from conception to drafting, to final copy and publishing.

Also, you can take the discussion further by showing your audience how you make money from selling your products or services.

If there are other affiliate products, you may want to bring them into the mix. See this…

behind the scene post idea

52. Put Out a Rant Post

A rant post is more like a reaction post. Find a post or comment that’s trending in your industry.

The key point here’s that you have to be angry at their post.

Then use your blog to post what’s on your mind. If you have a loyal following, you’ll get their support for doing this.

53. Make a Guard Down Post

This is one way of showing your audience you can be vulnerable. In the end, this post type will help you connect more with your audience.

Therefore, find a personal experience that your audience can relate to, then, write about it.

54. Write a Holiday Post

If you’re going away on a holiday, you may take this as a golden opportunity to connect with your audience.

Instead of leaving your blog dormant during the period, create something about the holiday experience.

holiday blog post idea

55. Create an Off-Topic Post

An off-topic post goes against your niche industry. But when approached from the right angle, can drive massive engagement. 

However, sometimes it can really flop. Therefore, you want to do this with an audience that’s used to you already.

56. Create a Mess-up Post

Reflect through your life and company and write a post on your mistakes and where you’ve gone wrong. Acknowledging this before your audience brings the human side of you. 

And as much you can be an authority, your audience will begin to relate well with you when you show them that you also make mistakes.

57. Write a Homerun Post

A home run post will help you communicate to your audience your wins within a specified period. 

You can have an annual homerun post where you discuss all your wins for the year. But you can also choose to break it down to monthly or quarterly timeframes.

8. Be Generous in Your Posts

In this category, you’re looking at selling other people or businesses. It’s not about you. To pull this through, you need to create content that promotes others. 

The best part is that they are likely to respond by doing the same to you. Below are the blog post ideas in this category.

58. Write a Profile Post

Find a key person in your industry and write a blog post about them. In the post, you can focus on their personal life or business. The aim is to reach out to them after publishing the post.

Some of the ways of getting to them include; email, SMS, calls, or social media. Besides, this is a good idea as they’ll be helping you with promoting the post.

And especially when they share it with their circles. 

Guess what? This is how you get to reach out to new people and build your subscriber list.

59. Write a Crowdsourced Post

In this post type, you’ll reach out to a couple of experts or influencers in your industry. Then have them respond to a common topic. 

In the end, you should compile all their responses into a single blog article. 

Here’s an example.

crowd sourced post

60. Make an Interview Post

Find a key personality in your industry and interview them. There’s no rigidness in terms of the means. So, you can opt for a phone call, video call, or social chat.

But first, get in touch with the person and find out what works for them.

Plus, you can take this further by recording the conversation. For audios, turn them into a podcast, while videos you can post on Youtube.

Afterward, you can have the recordings transcribed then turn them into a blog post.

Here’s an example.

interview post idea

61. Compile a Link Roundup Post

First, you’ll have to know what your audience really loves and can relate to. Then, create an article with the links to these content.

Your aim is to make this information easily accessible to your audience.

62. Make a Quote Post

People love to hear quotes from key personalities around the world. If you can find quotes from people within your niche, the better for you.

It goes without saying that your audience will most likely find these quotes inspirational. 

Next, write a blog article with quotes from all these personalities. If possible, try reaching out to them after publishing the article.

They can help you with promoting the content.

63. Compile a Best of the Web Post

The internet is a source of great content. These can be a blog, podcast, tools, or even videos. To make them more relevant, ensure you’re picking from your niche.

Something that your audience would actually love.

Afterward, create a blog article combining all the best items from the web as picked by you.

It’s also a sure way of enhancing easy access to information on the web by your audience.

64. Make a Pick of the Week Post

From a list of items– blog articles, other content, and tools– you have talked about in the past, pick one and present it to your audience as the pick of the week post.

65. Compile a List of People to Follow

In this article, you can recommend to your audience a list of personalities and top influencers in your niche.

A brief description of an individual and what they do will be helpful in creating the connection.

And any of your audiences that relate to these people can respond by following them.

people to follow post idea

66. Create a Content Aggregator Post

Like the listicles, find awesome content on the internet that your audience will most likely love. 

Then combine them into a list of resourceful content for your audience. For success, make sure the content is already viral with lots of social shares.

Here’s an example for inspiration.

content aggregator blog idea

Fill Your Content Calendar With Fresh Blog Post Ideas

Content is the bloodline of business. But this ceases to be true when you can’t post regularly. Either because of writer’s block or running out of content ideas.

So, here’s the deal:

By reading this article, you set yourself halfway into success. 

But more importantly, you’ll need to take action by implementing your takeaways from this comprehensive list of blogging ideas.

Plus, if you’re looking into keeping your audience engaged and informed, then, your best arsenal is an evergreen editorial calendar. Only remember to keep it updated regularly with blog ideas and publish often.

What’s your take on this list of 66 blog post ideas? I’d like to hear from you. So, leave a question in the comment section. Also, if you have other blog ideas that you’d like to add to this list, feel free to do so in the comments.

What’s stopping you from being an authoritative blogger and content creator? Go make it happen.  And let this be your go-to resource for the list of blog post ideas.

Navick Ogutu

Navick Ogutu is a marketing consultant and master copywriting specialist. He has tons of experience in B2B and B2C E-Commerce products and services promotion. Navick offers top-notch copywriting services, content marketing services, Email marketing services, Social media marketing services, SEO writing services, E-commerce store optimization and sales funnel optimization. Reach out to Navick for a free consultation concerning your content needs.