Why Your Marketing Approach Is Not Yielding Results

Best marketing approach

How’s your marketing approach like?

Let’s face it!

Customers are the bloodline of a thriving business.

But more often than not, marketers, and business owners cringe when it comes to this subject.

What’s the best marketing strategy?

For one, they have no idea how to go about it. And two, those who do are still hitting a miss. “What could they be doing wrong?” You may be asking.

Here’s the shocker:

“Just because you know your product or service…just because you know prospects really need it…that doesn’t mean they need it…nor does it mean they want it from you if they do. (At least not yet)” Ryan Deiss, CEO DigitalMarketer

“So, what does this even mean?” You’re probably wondering.

The Best Marketing Strategy Is About Taking Your Customers From One Stage to Another

And it needs to be seamless and subtle as possible.

You may call it “Dating” in marketing.

Check out this awesome illustration of the customer value journey. This also represents a one-page marketing plan.

marketing plan


While others may convert at the first stage, some may need more time and persuasion. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is rush them. It’s that Serious!

But here’s the good news…

If you’re a business owner or a marketer struggling in this area, there’s a quick solution. This is what you need to help you fix or improve your Marketing Strategy.

Here’s what you should be doing instead.

The best marketing approach entails taking your leads and customers on a customer value journey (CVJ). Here’s what a typical CVJ marketing plan summary.

1. Awareness

Creating brand/product/service awareness (Ads, Blogs, Videos, Social posts, Referral).

Social media marketing plays a key role in this stage. Other sources of traffic are email lists and website subscribers.

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2. Engagement

Creating engagement using content (video, text, images, Podcasts).

Engage your audience on social platforms, blogs, email marketing, etc.

3. Subscription

Lead acquisition through subscription. This is where you ask for their contacts.

Can be an email address, or phone number. Also, you’ll need gated content in the form of a lead magnet to pull this through.

4. Conversion

Conversion: Invite your leads to an event. This can be either online or offline.

It really doesn’t matter. Nonetheless, you need to study your audience and understand them well.

Audience insights are important in understanding what makes your customers tick. Another alternative is a low dollar offer.

Also known as an entry point offer or Tripwire. This stage helps in reducing the barrier to entry.

5. Excitement

Excitement: Your customers get REAL VALUE from your entry point offer and they’re excited about it.

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6. Core Offer

Core offer: Present your main offer after creating the relationship and trust between you and your customers.

7. Profit Maximizers

Offer cross-sells and upsells: This is where you make the real profits. Use these profit maximizers to offset your acquisition costs.

8. Advocates

Advocates: Happy customers give testimonials on social media or websites. This is what you need for social proof and making more sales.

9. Promoters

Promoters: Create an affiliate program where you reward loyal customers and subscribers as they help you with the marketing work.

So, here’s the thing!

social media marketing


Go Make it Happen: Try CVJ Marketing Approach 

Reading alone can only take you far. That’s why you need to take PROMPT action into implementing the best marketing approach. It’s that SIMPLE.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or even a marketing tip?

We’d like to hear from you. So, drop a comment in the comments section, and let’s keep the conversation going.

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To thriving businesses!

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