Connect Your Team and Customers with Cellular Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)

Cell Phones are everywhere and run our personal and business lives. They are essential for connection, business, and safety. But here’s the kicker! Sometimes conditions are not favorable for two-way communication, and this can cause inconvenience.

Therefore, to rise above the obstacles, you’d have to boost radio signal levels to have an effective communication exchange. If you want to know how to boost radio signals, that’s where bi-directional amplifiers come in.

To learn more about bi-directional antenna and how to use it in your business and personal life, check this out! But, before diving deeper, let’s start by getting the basics out of the way!

What is BDA?

A bi-directional amplifier is a device used to boost radio communications when the signals are significantly low for effective two-way cellular communication. The device works by amplifying signals in receive and transmit modes. This happens when obstacles such as concrete are on the radio path and are hindering effective communication.

The BDA device comprises two main parts; the power amplifier and the low noise amplifier. While the power amplifier is located at the transmit end, the low noise amplifier is found at the receive end. Thus, when the device receives weak signals, it amplifies them and feeds them to the radio.

On the other hand, it boosts signals originating from the radio and amplifies them to cover an extended range when transmitting. This ensures there’s no communication breakdown along the way.

Besides their use in cellular gadgets and radio systems, bi-directional amplifiers are also used in aerial vehicles, band radars, military radio, and weather reporting. Other areas include; earth observation, traffic control, and satellites.

But that’s only the scratch on the surface. To better understand Bi-directional amplifiers, you got to be aware of the various types available. They include the full-duplex bi-directional amplifier and the half-duplex bi-directional amplifier.

In a full-duplex bi-directional amplifier, transmit and receive functions work simultaneously. On the flip side, in a half-duplex bi-directional amplifier, each function can only perform one at a time. This means when the BDA is in transmit mode, the receive mode is deactivated.

Cell Phones and the Roll BDAs play

That being said, cell phone communication is enhanced with strong radio signals. To make it happen, cellular BDA antenna, used in cell phone signal booster systems, can be placed in strategic locations within buildings.

The cellular BDA antennas can be placed in hotels, hospitals, large stadiums, office buildings, and industrial plants to support concurrent calling and eliminate dead zones. For your business to thrive, it’s essential to have reliable communication in your building.

This upholds customers’ and tenants’ safety at any given time. The best part is how customers need to be secure around your business premise, and they’ll provide your business. Therefore before thinking of making profits, consider the safety of your customers.

When setting up BDA radio systems, it’s good to think of an emergency response to fire, for example, and daily communication needs. Remember, concrete can weaken radio signals, hindering two-way communication. That’s why setting up a signals booster in the building is helpful.

How to get started with Bi-directional Amplifiers and Cellular Devices

Setting up a bi-directional antenna is more beneficial if you are to carry out a cost-benefit analysis. As we’ve already seen, the BDAs help boost communication while enhancing users’ safety. To get started with BDA, you need to set up a BDA antenna in your buildings.

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