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Finding reliable Internet connectivity can be a hassle. For one, several Internet service providers promise heaven but underdeliver, and sometimes, life gets in the way because of busy schedules. This makes it daunting to find a fast network connection with high download speed and upload speed and lower ping times.

If you’re thinking of moving to a new location, no doubt you should prepare for a transition to a new Internet service provider. Unfortunately, not doing this on time will mean missing out on your favorite TV programs and being behind the school or work programs.

But we guess you wouldn’t want it to come to that! The good news is, we’ve put together this guide with you in mind. We care about you and would like to see you making an informed Internet solution decision. So without much ado, let’s get to these awesome tips and pointers!

Tips for improving your Wi-Fi speed

Whenever you’re experiencing slow Internet speed, your first instinct would be to acquire a new router to replace what you have. But, on the contrary, this is never the only feasible solution you can try. There are a ton more which you’re about to discover in a few.

Ditch your current Internet service provide

This is more like solving the problem from the roots. For example, some ISPs deliberately buffer their network connection which ultimately affects network performance. Once you have reason to believe this is the case with your Internet service provider, you can switch to a more trustworthy ISP.

Switch to a high-speed plan

There are several options you can consider when it comes to choosing a more suitable Internet plan. Most Internet service providers have at least three plans—the basic plan, the moderate plan, and the advanced plan.

Probably, you’ve outgrown your current plan because of increased Internet usage. The best solution would be to talk with your Internet service provider to advise on the best plan for you according to how you use the Internet.

Clear cache

Website owners have placed cookies to collect information about you and your browsing behavior. Mostly, they use the information to market to you their stuff or other people’s stuff. If you’ve ever seen an ad following you to every website you while browsing, that’s a cache at work.

The worst thing is when this information compiles on your browser over time, it can affect normal Internet speed. Fortunately, a quick installation of a clear cache plugin can help you solve the problem. Alternatively, you can go to your browser and, under settings, find cached data and clear it.

Set-up an Anti-virus

The Internet is never completely safe, and in the process of browsing, your personal computer, desktop, phone, or TV can be attacked by malware. One of the effects of a malware attack is slow Internet speed.

Therefore, before thinking of many potential reasons for the jam, you should consider running an anti-virus scan through your devices. But first, you have to install the anti-virus then use it to scan and fix your device speed.

Set up an ads blocker

Do you remember the cache we talked about earlier? Internet marketers use this information to show you display ads while going about your usual activities on the Internet. The most annoying thing about these ads is how they slow down your Internet speed. A sure way to solve this Internet connectivity issue is installing an ads blocker and blocking all unnecessary ads.

Check data cap

Why would there be a data cap in a Wi-Fi connection? Some Internet service providers put a limit to how much data you can use within a defined period. If you exceed your limit, the ISP slows down your Internet speed. Mostly, this connectivity issue is common with heavy Internet users. When you express the snarl, the first thing to do is contact your ISP to chat the way forward.

Cox Internet speeds

Having looked at the various Internet connectivity issue and their solutions, the most important decision you can make is choosing a reliable Internet service provider. If you’re wondering how to get started, that’s where Cox comes in.

Cox is known for one main thing—reliable high-speed Internet services. Besides, Cox is the largest Internet company in the United States with over six million users. This is enough proof that you can rely on this Internet service provider.

Cox average Internet speed results

On average, cox Internet speed results read a low of 25 Mbps and a high of 940 Mbps. Depending on your Internet needs, you can settle on a cox Internet speed that suits you. For example, the low speed of 25 Mbps is ideal for a light Internet user.

On the other hand, the upper limit of 940 Mbps is best for heavy Internet users. To be more specific, ten plus active devices, four-plus users, streaming 4K videos, and multiplayer gaming.

How do I make my Cox Internet faster?

The immediate and the quickest way to make your Cox Internet faster is by upgrading to a higher plan. The higher the package, the better access you have to download speed high, high upload speed, and lower ping times.

Other ways you can achieve this are; reducing the number of users and devices connecting to your network, switching to a new router or upgrading the existing one, and locking and protecting your network from unauthorized access.

Test your cox Internet speed here

Testing your cox Internet speed is the only sure way of knowing if you’re getting the most out of your package or not. For one reason or another, you’ll experience connectivity issues, and a sure remedy for fixing the problem will be through a cox speed test.

How should I go about the Cox Internet speed test? You could be wondering. However, before running the speed test, you should take caution to get the best speed test results. One, Internet speed isn’t constant throughout the day.

Sometimes the speed is at a peak, while other times, it’s low. Therefore, you’ll want to carry out multiple tests in a day to find an average cox Internet speed. Two, keep the router nearby when running the test, and three, you want to complete downloads and uploads on all devices before running the speed test.

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