What Is Heart And Arrow Diamond Cut?

If you’ve got a thing for diamonds, chances are you wouldn’t lay a finger on poorly cut ones. For one, they’re less brilliant and luminous, which significantly affects their worth. However, applying diamond-cut techniques like the heart and arrow style can help a long way.

But what is a heart and arrow diamond cut? You could be wondering. Heart and arrow diamond cut is a precisely cut diamond that takes the pattern and symmetry of arrows and hearts. While the arrows are visible from the top, the hearts can be seen when the diamonds face down. If the cut is of high quality, you won’t need a unique tool to see the arrow and heart patterns.

Are Heart and Arrow Diamond Cut Worth it?

There’s pretty much no big difference between the heart and arrow diamond cut and the regular cut apart from the heart and arrow patterns. This symmetrical appearance changes the value of the diamond altogether and helps take the price up.

However, it would help if you were sure before spending on one of the premium diamonds. The best way to go about it by using special tools to verify the quality while comparing it with other diamond cuts. Otherwise, you can be short-changed and lose a lot of money.

The main downside to the heart and arrow diamond cut is the high price. Because of their brilliance and astounding symmetry, they’re more costly than ordinary diamonds. Therefore, you’ll need a big budget if you want one since the prices vary between places.

The best practice is to compare prices before making a purchase. So, however much the heart and arrow diamond cut could be irresistible, be on the lookout lest you’re ripped off.

Final thoughts

Properly cut diamonds are glamorous and can reflect light from several sources. However, to achieve this, the diamond needs to be cut at high precision for optical symmetry. The good news is, heart and arrow diamond cut passes for this.

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