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According to a Finances Online study, 52% of businesses invest in new technologies to reinforce business growth. Another 47% do it to support customers’ needs. IT services improve business agility, collaboration, customer experience, productivity, and revenue when done right.

But this is only a mirage when your IT systems aren’t stable and keep crushing after every second. This can affect your service delivery, business operations, and customer relationships. The solution is to bring an IT support company on board quickly.

What is an IT Support Company?

An IT support company ensures a business IT system is running smoothly. They’re also commonly known as managed services providers (MSPs).

They comprise IT specialists like systems administrators, hardware specialists, networking architects, and service technicians, to mention a few. 

What Does an IT Support Company Do?

An IT support company primarily handles the IT needs of other enterprises. The right IT support company for you has the resources to handle all your IT needs regardless of your type of company. Below we take a deep dive into what IT support companies do!

Supply, Install and Manage IT Systems

The basic component of an IT system is a computer. Entities use computer systems to run different operations from one department to another. The problem is, setting up computer systems can be a hassle for many enterprises. 

This is where an IT support company comes to the rescue. They’re experienced and can configure hundreds if not thousands of computer systems. The setup includes both hardware and software, so you don’t have to find different providers for the services.

They also set up phone systems (VoIP) to keep you connected internally between departments and externally with your customers.

IT Needs and Network Structure Assessment and Analysis

An IT support company can help assess and analyse your business IT needs and network structure based on your customers’ behaviours. Normally, this takes alot of time to do yourself, and it makes sense to hire experts for the job. You’re guaranteed the best data for informed decision-making.

Keeping You Connected Throughout

IT support companies ensure systems run smoothly and uninterrupted 24/7. You’re in business, and any second of downtime can cost you. This is why you need a specialist IT support company to restore your systems whenever there’s a downtime.

Software Management

Knowing the right software for your business can be a hassle when you’re not tech-savvy. The good news is when you hire an IT support company, they should take care of this for you. They should also manage all your system software for smooth operation.

What is Included in Our IT Support Services?

For all your IT services needs in Toronto, look no further than Wolff Adar IT Solutions. We use Monitoring and Maintenance Software to proactively monitor your IT systems for potential issues that can impact user productivity and potentially cause corporate-wide downtime.

But that’s only the scratch on the surface of what we can do. Below are more reasons to choose Wolff Adar IT Solutions as your preferred IT support company in Toronto!

  • Instant remote Tech Support.
  • Timely alerts on potential hardware failures, Drive space issues, failed services, and security threats.
  • Daily Health & Safety Email Reports of your equipment before the day starts. This includes your Daily Backup Status and Antivirus software up-to-date status.
  • Automated Windows & 3rd Party Software Updates.

IT Support Services Near me | Wolff Adar IT Solutions

There’s no doubt we’re the best choice IT Solutions company in Toronto. We offer custom-built IT solutions in Toronto to save you money and your valuable time. So, be sure to contact us here for any inquiries!

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