How to Improve a Restaurant’s Ambience

Restaurants have an average profit margin of 3-5%, but it can range widely from 0-15%, according to an Upserve study. There are several ways to get the most out of your restaurant business. But maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation is sometimes underrated!

Cleanliness is at the centre of a restaurant’s ambience since good hygiene standards create a welcoming environment. The last place people want to visit is an untidy restaurant because of the associated health risks. 

Overall, ambience is vital to a restaurant’s success because it can dramatically increase profits. But here’s the kicker! Improving your restaurant’s ambience can be daunting when you don’t know what to do. 

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this guide to help you improve the ambience. So, let’s get to it!

External Ambience

According to a New York Post recent study, it takes only 27 seconds to make a good first impression. Your customers will first interact with your restaurant’s external environment. So, it’s vital to capture their attention with a clean and ambient exterior.

No doubt, a clean ambience starts with a clean exterior! Below are the tips to keep your restaurant’s exterior clean and welcoming!

1. Power Wash your Parking Lot

A clean parking lot is inviting and creates the first impression. Conversely, a dirty and littered parking lot can make visitors think the inside is no different. Other than the parking lot, remember to clean the driveways, pavements, and other hardscapes.

The mentioned areas collect dirt, dust, and grime quickly and are often the first part of the property visitors’ experience. Apart from creating a good first impression, a clean exterior helps pass health inspections and mitigate the potential spread of infectious diseases.

There are two options to clean the parking lot. The most reliable way is by power washing because it removes the toughest stains and keeps the parking lot spot clean.

Power washing involves the use of high-pressure water for deep and spot cleaning. Also, it’s recommended to use hot steamed water for the best results. Hot water softens stubborn stains and dirt on the lot’s surface, making it easy to clear them.

Another way to clean the parking lot is by regular sweeping. This method works best for clearing leaves, twigs, soils, pebbles, papers, and plastic material. A push broom, backpack leaf blower, or vacuum cleaner is all you need to start.

Other ways to improve your parking lot ambience include;

  • Sealing cracks and potholes
  • Painting the parking lines
  • Sealcoating for added protection
  • Placing trash bins at designated locations
  • Improving stormwater drainage systems

If you are looking for a professional service that understands the complexities of cleaning a parking lot in Portland, give PDX ProWash a call, and we will keep your parking lot pristine.

2. Power Wash the Façade

The façade is the front part of your restaurant. It’s arguably one of the most important design elements since it gives a building its character. It is important to keep it sparkling clean and free of leaves, dirt, and graffiti to create a good first impression!

Like your parking lot, you can power wash or broom sweep your restaurant façade. Power washing is more reliable and is the best option for cleaning stubborn stains like graffiti. On the other hand, Broom sweeping helps clear leaves and dirt away.

Depending on the local climate, you should consider giving your frontage a professional power washing at least once or twice per year. This is the sure way to permanently remove stubborn stains in your restaurant’s frontage.

Regularly cleaning and power washing the siding goes a long way. This simple routine keeps dirt, grime buildup, and odors at bay. Unfortunately, they can attract vermin, pests, and rodents, which you don’t want in your restaurant.

More importantly, if you live in a cool and wet climate like Portland, molds, and mildew can cause worry. So you should regularly check for any signs of molds and mildew because they can affect your restaurant’s curb appeal!

The first step to getting rid of them is removing any moisture sources that support their growth. You should also consider adding insulation. But if you’re looking for professional assistance because of other commitments, this is where PDX comes in handy!

PDX ProWash can clean mold and mildew and any unsightly spots and smudges. Restaurants in cold and wet climates like Portland, Oregon, can benefit from our power washing expertise. We’ll help you remove plant debris, pollution, graffiti, mold, and mildew to improve your restaurant’s façade ambience.

3. Professionally Clean the Windows

Windows play a crucial role in every building. For example, you need enough windows to allow light and air to penetrate a restaurant. In addition, some window designs involve beautiful graphics, which attract people inside for a great meal.

Dirty windows are particularly unappealing in restaurants. They filter the light to make the ambience of the whole room feel darker and dirty. They also block graphics in windows, lowering overall curb appeal.

The best solution for this is regular windows cleaning. Regular window cleaning will keep your windows clean and bright and allow more light for a more pleasant ambience. Again, if you live in a cool and wet climate like that of Portland, remember to check for any signs of molds and mildew.

The quick way to address the problem is by removing sources of moisture that support their growth. Adding insulation also goes a long way! If you own a restaurant in cold and wet climates like Portland, Oregon, you’ll benefit from our power washing expertise and professional window washing services. PDX ProWash removes plant debris, pollution, graffiti, mold, and mildew from windows!

Internal Ambience

Apart from external ambience, you should also consider internal ambience. Creating the first impression is one thing and keeping it is another! In addition to ensuring that the interiors are clean and hygienic, set the right mood by keeping the following in mind:

  • Lighting
  • Colors
  • Music
  • Restaurant Layout
  • Furnishings
  • Decor

Wrapping Up

Ambience is vital to a restaurant’s success as it can dramatically increase profits! One way to improve ambience is by maintaining high hygiene and sanitation standards. If you’re looking to outsource professional cleaning services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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