BMW Battery Light On | Charging Malfunction

BMW is the world’s most popular luxury car brand! Thanks to the all-wheel-drive feature and the powerful BMW battery, you can cruise on unfriendly terrains like snow and off-road conditions. You can also stream music in your car stress-free!

A BMW battery needs to recharge for optimum performance like all car batteries. But, if you see a BMW battery light on the dash while driving, there’s a problem with the charging system. Sadly, you may end up with a dead battery if you do nothing about it. 

This guide covers charging malfunctions in BMW, possible causes, and how to fix the problem in East Valley of Phoenix. So, let’s get to it!

What is the Charging System?

First off! What is the charging system? A car charging system provides the electricity that powers a car. The power is used to start the starter motor and run electrical components like lighting, audio system, and air conditioner, amongst other functions.

The charging system comprises the battery, alternator, wiring, and the electronic control unit (ECU) or voltage regulator. 

  • The battery–stores power for starting the engine.
  • The alternator–generates electricity stored in the battery.
  • The electronic control unit (ECU) or voltage regulator–prevents battery damage and overcharging by regulating the amount of electricity generated.

The charging system plays a crucial role in any car. So, it needs to be always in the right condition for hassle-free operations.

For example, none of the parts should be worn out because it can stall everything. One, the car may start after a struggle, or two, it may fail to start completely. 

What’s Happening when the Battery/Check Charging System Light Comes On?

What does the battery light mean? It’s normal for the light to come on after starting the car since it should disappear after a few seconds. But if it stays on the dash longer than usual, it means that the car is running entirely on battery power. 

The light is a warning that you may end up with a dead battery if the charging system fails. That’s the last thing you want because it can inconvenience you while driving.

The good news is that you can avoid the awful experience by taking your car to an auto repair for diagnosis. Alternatively, you can troubleshoot the problem by yourself.

What Can Cause my Battery/Check Charging System Light to Come On?

So many things could go wrong when you have a charging system malfunction. You’ll have to troubleshoot different charging system parts to determine the exact problem cause. Below are the possible reasons your battery/check charging system light can come on.

  • Alternator and Voltage regulator issues–are the primary cause of the BMW charging malfunction. A mechanic should test the voltage coming from the alternator to determine power efficiency.
  • Battery problems–BMW battery light can appear on the dash when you have a faulty battery. This could mean the battery is low or needs replacing since it has outlived its useful life. You should have a mechanic test the battery strength to be certain.
  • Drive belt troubles like a drive belt failure affect the alternator’s smooth running. This means it can’t generate the electricity to be stored in your BMW battery. This can trigger the check charging system light to come on.
  • Corroded wires and connections–this problem is prevalent during summer or in warmer regions. You have a corrosion problem if you see white or greenish substances on the battery terminals.
  • Faulty computer system–could be the problem when everything else is in order. It would be best to have a mechanic test the car’s computer system.

Is it Safe to Drive with the Battery/Check Charging System Light On?

While you can drive with the battery/check charging system light on, it’s not a good idea unless you’re driving to see a mechanic. Anything could be wrong with the charging system, and you can only know by diagnosing it yourself or taking it to a mechanic.

You may end up with a dead battery in the middle of the road if you ignore the warning light. You don’t want it to come to this because it can be frustrating!

Huffs Automotive | Best Auto Repair in the East Valley of Phoenix

BMW electrical system malfunctions are common, like in other luxury cars. While you can diagnose most of the charging malfunction in BMW yourself, it’s advisable to take your car to professionals for an expert touch.

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