How to Create the Right Setup for Your Meeting Conference Room

The choice of a meeting conference room setup determines the meeting outcome. This cuts across whether holding a remote video conference or an in-person meeting with clients and staff members.

The right setup promotes inclusivity and productivity. You can discuss project updates or onboard new clients and staff conveniently.

Studies show that 94% of businesses admit video conferencing increases productivity. But, the success depends on the choice of the meeting conference room setup. The right setup involves choosing an appropriate layout, furniture, and audiovisual equipment. But that’s only the scratch on the surface. 

Creating the right setup for your meeting conference room can be a hassle, especially when doing it for the first time. Don’t sweat it! We’ve put together this guide to show you how to create the right setup for different types of conference rooms. So, let’s get to it

1. Small Meeting Conference Rooms

Small meetings take place in huddle spaces. According to a Logitech study, huddle-room meetings are expected to grow exponentially. By 2022, they will represent 69.8% of all video conferencing room meetings.

At least ⅔ of employees prefer huddle spaces for holding office meetings. Your business can benefit from the small meeting conference rooms since most employees already love them.

This makes huddle rooms the best for informal meetings of two to four persons. The best part is that they don’t require an upfront reservation. They’re more suitable for short one-on-one gatherings for brainstorming.

Huddle spaces are usually smaller and require proper planning to maximize the available space. So, how do you go about it? Below are some helpful tips!

  • Compact setup–your furniture choice should be compact and easy to install. The room is already smaller, and you don’t want to fill the remaining space with unnecessary objects. A standup table and some chairs are great, though not essential in a huddle space.
  • Go Wireless–too many cabless clutter rooms, especially when dealing with huddle spaces. Going wireless is sure to keep the room clutter-free for more productivity. 

All-in-one devices, wireless video conferencing solutions, and a small LCD monitor are essential in a huddle space. They also go a long way if you intend to have dynamic meetings with colleagues, clients, and service providers.

2. Medium Meeting Conference Rooms

Medium-sized conference rooms are suitable for structured conference meetings. The rooms are usually relatively spacious and have the right conference infrastructure to facilitate hybrid meetings. 

Typical medium meeting conference rooms seat between four and eight persons and usually require an upfront reservation. How should you set up a medium meeting room? Here is how to do it!

  • Video Conference Infrastructure–there are two ways to set up your video conferences. You can opt for a fixed setup like Microsoft Teams Room or a more versatile option like Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM). 
  • Furniture Choice–tables and chairs should be of moderate size to fit properly in the room. Critical considerations when acquiring furniture for a medium meeting room are furniture design, room size, and room design.
  • Audio and Video Requirement–medium meeting rooms are relatively large-sized and may require audio and video equipment. Larger displays, advanced microphones, and a video camera go a long way if you want an exceptional conference room experience. A fixed camera location isn’t a good idea when many people are in the room. A tiltable one is the best to focus on specific speakers. 
  • Go wireless–both fixed conference setups and BYOM rooms can use wireless systems. Switching to wireless operations is more convenient and helps clear clutter.

3. Large Meeting Conference Rooms

Large conference rooms are more spacious and can seat eight or more people. They’re meant for executive-level meetings like company board meetings.

These conference rooms go a long way for organizations that hold regular large team meetings and those looking to have major decision-making meetings. They’re ideal for discussing confidential matters and designed for well-structured meetings.

You’ll need to make upfront reservations to use a large meeting conference room. Here’s how to create the right setup for large meeting conference rooms!

  • Video Conference Infrastructure–this works the same as medium meeting conference rooms. So, you can do either fixed video conferencing or Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM).
  • Furniture Choice–You can set up the furniture depending on the room size and design. Popular layout designs are U-shape, classroom, hollow square, banquet, and auditorium. Expected meeting attendees, interaction needs, and video conferencing infrastructure setup should also influence your setup choice.
  • Audio and Video Requirements–large conference rooms are suited for executive-level meetings. So, it’s important to create an impression by using premium and high-quality audio and video equipment. You’ll need adequate high-end speakers, microphones, large displays, video cameras, and lighting systems. For example, noise-canceling microphones are a worthy investment. Also, the speakers and displays should be positioned strategically in the room.
  • Go wireless–going wireless is awesome for secure information sharing. More importantly, it removes the clutter in large conference rooms, creating a conducive environment for high-end meetings.

4. Flexible Conference Spaces

Flexible conference spaces are for more informal gatherings among colleagues. This can be at the reception, a cafeteria, or a huddle space within the organization’s premises. These spaces are relatively small-sized and can only accommodate a small number of attendees.

Flexible conference spaces should be set up like small meeting rooms or huddle rooms. Since the space is limited, you want to have furniture when necessary. You should aim for compactness to use space efficiently.

Going wireless is also crucial if you want to minimize clutter. Think about it; the room is already small. The last thing you want is cables coming in your way. Lastly, you need an all-in-one device solution. 

AVs combining both audio and video go a long way in this case. They save on space and are easy to handle.

Wrapping Up

Creating the right setup for your meeting conference rooms can be a hurdle when you don’t know how to do it. Luckily for you, this complete guide is what you need to get started! Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us now for further assistance.

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