The Top 10 Benefits of an On-Site Fuel Tanks

On-site fuel tanks are an incredible way to manage fuel consumption for your business. Installing one on your premise goes a long way, especially when you handle a fleet of vehicles, indulge in heavy industrial processes, or are in the construction industry.

On-site fuel management can move the needle for your business when you do it right. You’ll save time and money when you fuel from your premise than at an offsite location. An onsite fuel tank guarantees fuel quality, minimizes off-site fuel theft, and influences a business’s bottom line.

You’re missing out if you’re yet to install an on-site fuel tank. But getting started can be daunting when you aren’t sure an on-site fuel tank is worth it. Don’t sweat it! We’ve put together this guide to elaborate on the top benefits of an on-site fuel tank.

So, let’s get to it!

1. Saves Time

Time is of the essence in business since productivity depends on it. This is why you should use your time efficiently to increase business revenue. The best way to go about it is to eliminate activities with minimal economic benefits that consume your time.

While spending time on the roads to fuel is of economic value, it’s not the best practice. You can cut down on time by installing an on-site fuel tank. You can use this time to do more productive stuff to influence the bottom line.

2. Enhances Efficiency

On-site fuel tanks enhance operation efficiency and deliverability. Your staff members have more time for work since they don’t have to go out to look for fuel. They’ll get work done on time and stress-free without rushing.

3. Lowers Vehicles Maintenance Cost 

Vehicles need frequent servicing and repairs when they’re constantly on the roads. You’ll be covering more daily trips if you’re fuelling anywhere but your premises. More trips mean you must frequently service your vehicles, increasing maintenance costs.

The good news is that an on-site fuel tank can lower your vehicle’s maintenance cost since you don’t have to make several trips every day.

4. Saves you Money

Fueling at a retail fuel station costs more than an on-site fuel tank. Fuel businesses are in it for profits and will no doubt have high markups to generate more revenue. You’re losing much money if you regularly fuel at retail gas stations.

The worst part is fuel prices are sometimes unstable depending on current happenings like geopolitical tensions. When these events happen, you’re at the mercy of gas station fuel sellers. They can raise fuel prices to hedge against the risk of making losses.

But you’ll be immune to short-term fuel shortages if you have an on-site fuel tank. This way, you can save more money which you can put into your business to boost growth.

Another way on-site fuel tanks save money for businesses is by lowering the cost of staff compensation. This is a huge advantage to businesses that pay staff hourly. An on-site fuel tank means your stuff can refuel within your premise.

This cuts down on the time they’d spend on the roads to fuel. The bottom line is that they can’t charge you for the time they didn’t work. This way, you’ll save on the compensation.

5. Guaranteed Fuel Quality

Fuel quality can be compromised when you rely on other sources to fuel your vehicles. An on-site fuel tank ensures you stock quality fuel for your vehicles and other use.

6. Protects Your Fleet Engines for Longevity

An automotive engine is one of the most crucial parts since it’s responsible for locomotion. You need to keep it in perfect working condition for efficiency and longevity. 

One way to keep the engine healthy is by using high-quality fuel. The problem is that you aren’t guaranteed fuel quality when fueling from off-site sources.

7. Minimise Off-site Fuel Theft

Fuel is a precious commodity, and some people can do anything to have it. An off-site fuelling point is an easy target for fuel thieves. You risk losing a thousand gallons of fuel or more if you don’t have an on-site fuel tank.

8. Promotes Accountability and Proper Management of Resources

An on-site fuel tank promotes efficient management of resources and accountability. You can track how much fuel each vehicle consumes daily with an on-site fuel tank. On the contrary, it’s a hassle when your fleet fuels off-site.

On-site fuel management is your sure bet to use fuel sparingly. This way, you’ll save more money you’d use every day to refill the fuel tank.

9. Increase Business Revenue

Business revenue is a product of productivity. You’re guaranteed an increase in revenue when your staff is more involved in working than looking for fuel. An on-site fuel tank is one of the best ways to increase revenue.

10. Increase New Clients’ Conversion Rate

Persuading clients to work with you is simple when you have an on-site fuel tank. This sends a message that you’re organized and can handle work efficiently with little downtime. Most people are inclined to do business with more organized service providers.

MegaTank | the Ultimate Option for Fuel Storage and Transportation

Fuel tank benefits are plenty. There’s no doubting it after reading our comprehensive guide. Look no further if you’re asking about the best on-site fuel tank. 

This is where Axiom’s Mega Tank fuel tank comes in handy. We have the best fuel tank for sale in Canada.  Axiom’s Mega Tank is the best choice for people looking for;

  • Fuel storage solutions.
  • Industrial fuel tanks.
  • Construction fuel tanks.
  • Mining fuel tanks.

Mega Tank is sturdier and relies on innovation. It’s the perfect solution for safe and secure transport and storage of industrial lubricants and hazardous liquids worldwide. Importantly, we have various fuel tank options from 1000L to 3000L tanks.

Axiom’s Mega Tank Fuel Tank Features

Below is a quick rundown of Axiom’s Mega Tank fuel tank features!

  • Bi-directional fork pockets and lifting brackets.
  • Stackable design.
  • Internal baffle plates.
  • Three-tier component design.
  • Primary hatch lid.
  • Spacious equipment chamber with a universal bracket system.
  • Multiple ports.
  • Galvanized stocking corner.

For more information on the benefits of using a fuel tank and to learn more about why our MegaTank is the ultimate option for fuel storage and transportation, call us at 1-866-918-6976! At Axiom Equipment Group, you can expect higher standards on site.

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