What Metrics Indicate if Audience Is Expanding Through Social Vs Competitor Presence

To gauge audience expansion on social media versus competitors, key metrics reveal insights.

Engagement metrics, such as likes and comments, indicate content resonance.

Follower growth rate shows reach over time.

Share of voice measures brand presence relative to competitors.

Conversion rates track follower conversion to customers.

Lastly, sentiment analysis assesses audience feelings toward the brand.

Analyzing these metrics provides valuable insights into social media impact and competitive standing.

Engagement Metrics

When evaluating your social media presence, comparing engagement metrics with competitors is crucial. Metrics like likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates reveal audience interaction and content resonance. Analyzing these metrics provides insights into your audience's level of interest and interaction.

Comparing these metrics with competitors helps gauge your standing in the social media landscape. Understanding these metrics can refine your social media strategy and enhance your audience's experience.

Follower Growth Rate

Assess your audience expansion by comparing your follower growth rate with that of your competitors. Tracking new followers gained over a specific period and comparing it to competitors' growth helps gauge your audience evolution.

A higher growth rate than competitors suggests effective content and engagement strategies resonating with your target audience. However, analyzing followers' quality is crucial. Genuine engagement and interactions are more valuable than just a high follower count.

Monitoring your follower growth rate relative to competitors provides valuable insights into your social media audience expansion.

Share of Voice

When comparing your brand's online presence to competitors, assess your share of voice. This metric gauges your brand's online conversation ownership within your industry.

Calculate your brand's mentions across social media, blogs, forums, and news sites, then compare with your competitors. A higher share of voice signifies dominance in the online conversation, potentially reaching a larger audience.

Monitoring your share of voice over time provides insights into marketing impact and areas for improvement.

Conversion Rates

When assessing audience expansion through social versus competitor presence, compare conversion rates as a vital metric.

Conversion rates reflect the percentage of your audience taking a desired action post-engagement, like making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Higher conversion rates indicate both audience growth and active brand engagement.

Analyzing conversion rates across social platforms and comparing them with competitors' rates offers valuable insights into audience expansion strategies' impact.

This data aids in refining approaches and focusing on channels yielding optimal results.

Sentiment Analysis

To understand audience sentiment, analyze emotional impact on social and competitor platforms. Measure positive, negative, or neutral attitudes towards your brand and competitors.

Gain insights into audience perception of your brand, products, and services. Tailor content and engagement strategies to resonate with your audience and address negative perceptions.

Tracking sentiment over time helps assess effectiveness of brand messaging and marketing efforts to improve overall brand perception.


To measure audience expansion on social media versus competitors, track follower growth, engagement metrics, share of voice, conversion rates, and sentiment analysis.

Companies typically experience a 6-8% monthly follower growth rate on social media.

Monitoring these metrics is crucial for staying ahead of competitors.

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