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Digital Marketing Areas Of Specialization

E-commerce Industry

  • Consumer Products–B2C.
  • Business Products–B2B.

Personal Development Industry

  • E-Courses/Courses.
  • E-books/Books.
  • E-Coaching/Courses.

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Lead magnets
Sales Landing pages
Social media captions

Email copywriting
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Video sales letter

Text-based VSL
Website Content
Sales funnel Copy

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direct response copywriting and content marketing

THE WEB CONTENT WRITER is on a mission!

To transform businesses with TOP QUALITY content. And 

more importantly, PERSUASIVE copy that compels readers to 

take the desired action.

Content is the bloodline of a thriving business. When used 

APPROPRIATELY, it can help businesses bridge the gap between 


The last thing you want is spending on content, but not seeing 

the desired results. In the end you feel FRUSTRATED and 


But here's the thing...

There’s only one way out of this– finding a Master Digital 

Marketing Specialist who knows what he’s doing. 

And the good news:

You don’t have to look far! This is my FORTE and you can rest 

assured you’ll get nothing but OUTSTANDING COPY.

And more importantly, RESULTS! Seriously, it’s that SIMPLE. 

You’re probably asking:

Why should I trust you?

Take a look…

I’m committed to offering you EXCEPTIONAL & REMARKABLE 

DONE FOR YOU content marketing, Direct Response 

Copywriting and SPECTACULAR Sales Promotion 

Campaign services.

That’s all you NEED to make it in business and to be the 

AUTHORITATIVE FIGURE everyone looks up to.

I can HELP you get this far. Plus, I’ll be doing the heavy lifting 

as you FOCUS on other aspects of your business.

First, Check out the digital marketing services i offer you today!

(1). Direct Response Copywriting.

(2). Content Marketing and writing (Blogs/articles, lead magnets)

(3). Social Media Marketing.

(4). Email Copywriting and Marketing.

(5). E-commerce Marketing.

(6). Sales funnels optimization and Marketing Campaigns.

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How it Works

What I offer is quality copy and a timely delivery. Below is  the summary of how my DONE FOR YOU SERVICE (S) work.

1. Identify your Content/Copy Need (S).


2. Contact Me Via Email, Contact Forms Or WhatsApp.


3. We Discuss Your Content/Copy Needs.


4. You Share Your Brief And Expectations.


 5. I Get To Work.


6. Get The Work Done And Sent To You Via Google Docs.


7. Request Necessary Adjustments.

what tools do i use?

Content marketing & writing


Social media marketing

email marketing

E-commerce store set up & optimization


Who It's For

1. Business owners (B2B, B2C, Startups, Small & Medium-sized).

2. E-commerce store owners.

3. Digital Marketing/SEO Agencies.

4. Freelance Digital Marketers and Writers

What Clients Say...

today, You Too Can Make a Difference...

You can see your sales multiply when your customers turn into RAVING fans, Advocates and Promoters of your brand.

If others have done it, you too, CAN do it!

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